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Green Building, Autumn 10:
“Interdisciplinary Research – InCluESEV”

connect, May 10:
“My Travelling Life: Gaby Roslin”

Resource, Jan/Feb 09:
"To the Manor Born"

Green Building, Autumn 08:
“Creating a refurb nation”

Reader’s Digest, May 08:
“You have the power”

Green Building, Spring 08:
“The first large scale zero carbon community has been selected”

Sustainable FM, Feb 08:
“Universities are doing it for themselves…”

Resource, Sept/Oct 07:
“Sharing the Knowledge”

Sustainable FM, Oct 07:
“Environmentalism: From Fad to Fundamental Principle”

Sunday Times Inside Out, Oct 07:
“Wrap up your home”

Resource, Jul/Aug 07:
“The Modern Entrepreneur”

eureka, Kia cars, Issue 8, Summer 07:
“Spies Like Us”, Interview with Donal MacIntyre

eureka, Kia cars, Issue 7, Spring 07:
“Think … small”, the rise and rise of the eco-entrepreneur

eureka, Kia cars, Issue 7, Spring 07:
Kim & Aggie interview

Resource, Jan/Feb 07:
"A life of eco principle", interview with Michael Braungart

Resource, July/Aug 06:
“Homes where we all live”, Interview with Dr Nicole Crockett, Director, Building Exploratory

nada, Summer 06:
“Stand up for the reuse nation”, interview with Sir Matthew Pinsent

Sunday Times Inside Out, July 06:
“Grey water to green”

Eureka, 06:
"Trailblazers: Year of the Volunteer"

The Independent, Traveller, Dec 05:
“Australia’s wet and wild outback”

Building for a future, Winter 04:
“Building with heat-pump technology”

Coral Cay, Mar 03:
“Coral Cay changed my life”

Dive Girl, Summer 99:
“Dive the world – save the planet”